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Richard Pifer
(Dick Pifer)

Richard Pifer Receives Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award

Richard Pifer receives Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award in 2015

We are a Class I, II, and III accessory repair station, #TA2R180L, with an instrument and airframe rating for trouble shooting electrical systems. The units are totally disassembled, inspected, and all necessary parts are replaced, including hardware, seals, bearings, etc. All castings are stripped to bare metal, checked for cracks, corrosion proofed, reassembled, and tested. All of our units are considered completely remanufactured.

When we were a prime vendor for Teledyne Continental Motors, they ran a quality assurance inspection on our facility. TCM sent 4 men using a 60 point quality check system, and we were graded 100% Grade A. During the time we serviced TCM, we only had a 2% rejection rate.

To give you some of my qualifications, I am a licensed Airframe and Powerplant and Authorized Inspector mechanic. For the last 30 years, I have been a licensed Designated Mechanic Examiner and hold a Repairman Certificate for solid state electronics. I am a commercial pilot with instrument, multi-engine, and seaplane ratings, and I have past experience as a flight engineer on DC 6's and DC 7’s with approximately 8500 hours/TT. I am also a FAA Accident Prevention Counselor and speak out for safety at many meetings, so I have been on both sides of the fence (pilot and mechanic).

My background in electricity goes back into the 60’s (before Pifer’s Airmotive) in the auto electric and automatic transmission business where I also learned hydraulics. I have built 25 cars from the ground up, no less than 1000 automotive carburetors and countless aircraft carburetors.

My staff and I will do our best to help you with any accessory need you might have from finding those hard-to-locate parts to answering your tech questions. Our reputation is, “when no one can handle it, CALL PIFER’S.”

In 2015, Richard was honored with the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award for 50 years of work in the aviation industry. For more information on Richard's achievement, read the article here.

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