Pifer's Airmotive Inc.
"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31
Actuator Assemblies: Aerospace Controls, Garwin, Edo Aire, Dukes, Airesearch and Barber-Coleman, Calco, and Electro Mech
Air Compressors: York, Sankyo, Sanden, Fridgidaire, Delco and Tecumseh
Airconditioning Motors: Dynamic Air, General Design, Dukes, Aerostar, Boehm/Baldor Elect., Janitrol and J/B Air Systems
Alternators: Ford, Delco, Motorola, Chrysler, TCM and Jasco
Alternators (Large Aircraft): Bendix, Westinghouse, and Beechcraft
Blower Motors: American Bosch, Electro-Mech, Dynamic Air, Leece Neville, Redmond, General Design, Globe, Joy, Universal, Robbins-Meyers, Aerospace Controls, Commercial Aircraft Products (CAP), Westinghouse, Commander, Janitrol, Dukes, Piper, Stuart Warner, Globe/TRW and Advanced Industries, and Aerospace Systems
Boost Motors: Delco, Lamb Electric, Weldon, Black & Decker, and Dukes
Boost Pumps (Electric): Lear Romec, Bendix, Cessna, Dukes, Pesco, Piper, Globe, Stellar, Thompson, Weldon, Facet and Adel
Carburetors: Marvel/Schebler, Facet/Precision, Bendix and Stromberg
Flap Motors: American Bosch, Beechcraft, Commercial Aircraft Products (CAP), Cessna, Dukes, Aerospace Controls, G.E., Lamb Electric, Calco and Astro-Mech
Flap Transmissions: Calco, Cessna, Piper and American Bosch, Dukes, Aerospace Controls, Airesearch, Astro Mech, Barber-Coleman, Beechcraft, Garwin, Edo Air, and Mooney
Fuel Injection Servo's: Bendix
Fuel Pumps: Lear Romec, Pesco, Lycoming, Thompson, Titan, Weldon, Adel Chandler-Evans and Beechcraft
Generators: Delco and Bendix
Generators (Large Aircraft): Bendix, Delco, G.E., Jack & Heintz, Lucus/ LSI, Leece Neville and Westinghouse
Hydraulic Actuators: Electro Mech, Electrol/Syncro Devices, Cessna, Aerofab Inc., Oildyne, Ozone, and Wiebel
Hydraulic Pumps: Cessna, Eastern/F.C.D./Howden Fluid Systems, New York Air Brake/Stratopower, Pesco, Weldon and Vickers, and Stone Hydraulics
Inverters: Jack & Heintz, Bendix, Eicor, Flightronics, Leland, OECO, G.E. and Pacific Electric
Landing Gear Motors: Beech, Cessna, G.E., Grimes, Commericial Aircraft Products (CAP), Westinghouse, Lundy and American Bosch
Magnetos: TCM/ Bendix, Slick and American Bosch
Miscellaneous: Motors, Relays and Starting Vibrators. Redmond, Calco, Dukes, Weldon, Black & Decker, Alco Wiper Motors, Globe, Electro Mech, and American Bosch
Stand-By Generators: Astro, Globe and Electro Mech/Vickers
Starters: Delco, Bendix, TCM
Starter/ Generators: Lucus/LSI/Jack & Heintz/TRW/Globe/B.F. Goodrich, Bendix, G.E., Aircraft Parts Corp. (A.P.C.), and Auxilec
Starters (Large Aircraft): Bendix, Westinghouse, Lucus/ LSI and Jack & Heintz
Vacuum Pumps: Aro, Garwin, Pesco, Beech, and Bendix
Voltage Regulators: Bendix, Electro-Delta, Electro-Systems, G.E., Lamar, OECO, Ford, Auxilec, Leland, Westinghouse, Cessna, Lucus/LSI, Leece Neville, and Delco
Contract Work Accepted and Volume Discounts Available